Shobha Subramanian

People fascinate me – understanding what they do and why. India and how it is evolving fascinates me. I am open to new ideas, wherever they come from. Am continuously learning be it how we understand consumers, interpret data, train/mentor people who work in our company or simply make things work better/more efficiently

My mantra – be restless and curious, passionate and involved, have self belief & commitment, drive & determination, be a little mad to make things happen

I have over two decades of work experience. Prior to setting up MarketVistas I was Executive Director at TNS India, responsible for Mumbai and the Brand & Communications area of expertise

Soniya Mahajani

Understanding consumer behaviour, studying the patterns of choice, solving the jigsaw puzzle to unearth the what, why, how, is exciting for me.

I love wearing multiple hats and work at my peak when doing ten things – founder, project leader, researcher, client service person, mentor, trainer, mother, homemaker, wife, movie buff, mad reader, are some of the roles I enjoy playing.

I have 18 years of market research experience across different sectors and types of research. Before setting up MarketVistas I worked as Vice President at TNS India where I was heading a SBU

Why Us

Involvement of senior professionals on each and every project.

While our company is new the founders have combined research experience of over 40 years! Therefore the research processes are very well designed and complied with. We have the ability to design research studies for specific needs and action points.

Our recommendations are not only based on the research data but on our ability to ‘listen’ and assimilate happenings around the consumers and brands as nothing exists in a vaccum.