• A Truck manufacturer and marketer

    Need – develop a program for building a bond/emotional connect with Truck Drivers

    The Study – Profiling and segmenting Truck Drivers to arrive at inputs for designing a Truck Driver connect program. Included ethnographic modules –spending 2 to 3 hours with them in the truck during a trip, visiting their home and spending 2 to 3 hours with them and their families to understand them as people

  • A leader in the education space

    Need – Education space, client losing revenues past 2 years. Needed to understand what to do to reverse the trend

    The Study – Basis understanding from experts, recruiting companies, current students and potential students, identified where the issues were and provided recommendations on what is to be done from a product, image and admissions perspective

  • An established player in skincare

    Need – Portfolio development for skin care

    The Study – Segmented the market basis consumer needs. Identified the segment to target and opportunities for the brand, with follow up work on decoding the segment in detail

  • Exploring Ready to cook options

    Need – Identify lead products for launch out of different options available in the ready to cook space. Also identify the recipe or format that should be pushed for each product

    The study - Qualitative exploratory research using focus group discussions - Observations of how the product was prepared, recipes used, discussions about the recipes and the results of various recipes was discussed/tasted to understand which of the products and recipes worked the best and could be taken forward for launch

  • Understanding reactions to Ready to Cook product options

    Need – Develop a product offer that is significantly better than established competition in the ready to eat foods space

    The study -A series of product tests undertaken, using different methodologies of in-home placements, central location testing with trained cooks and central location testing with housewives as cooks to assess how the test products fared vis a vis the largest brand. Given that housewives always bring their own perspective to cooking even if there are specific instructions, different methodologies were useful in providing specific directions for product improvement.

  • A home products company

    Need – Client brand defines the category. What is to be done to grow the category and at a higher rate than previous years

    The Study – Combination of market size estimation, brand status and current usage practices to recommend what needs to be done for the home and commercial segments

  • A media house

    Need – Quick feedback on serials for a Hindi General Entertainment TV channel

    The Study – Every week dipstick of 2 serials specified by the client. Report within 8 days for any warnings pertaining to the story/characters